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Our Mission...
To Help You Succeed

To make things simple, Fitness Collab is more than a gym in Wendell NC. Fitness Collab is an environment that promotes life change with the possibility of many different fitness classes located near you. We have several programs that vary from HIIT, Spin & Row, Yoga, or Mature Movement. We have provided a space for you to start that journey and we have provided the coaches to help you see it through.


Our Story

The beauty of Collab is being able to bounce between programs, stick to your favorite, or a little bit of both. The options are endless - all under one roof. We are going to do it our style with a space where you will learn, understand form, get healthier, fitter, and become a better version of yourself with the bonus of getting a good workout in. We plan to have more stuff to come as we get rolling so we are excited to share our upcoming plans with you. 


What We Offer

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